The Best Strollers To Buy In 2018

If you choose the stroller wisely, it can be one of the longest lasting purchases for your baby. Here are the best baby strollers (in my opinion, of course) you can buy.

Top10 The Best Strollers 2018

1. UPPAbaby VISTA 2018

The very versatile UPPAbaby VISTA stroller just keeps on getting better all the time! This year’s UPPAbaby VISTA comes with all-new colors, an extended bassinet and genuine leather accents for every stroller. If you ask me, UPPAbaby VISTA was already a pretty nice stroller to begin with, but now with the new upgrades for 2017 as well as 2018, it is actually among this year’s best strollers.

In terms of functionality, however, this stroller is virtually the same as the last year’s model, basically. What exactly are the differences, then, between this year’s and last year’s UPPAbaby VISTA?

UPPAbaby Vista 2018

The Colors Of UPPAbaby VISTA 2018

This year’s model of UPPAbaby VISTA comes in three brand new colors. On top of that, one of the 2015’s colors, Denny Red to be exact, is available again.

All of this year’s models of UPPAbaby VISTA actually feature a genuine leather handle bar and bumper bar, whereas majority of 2017 models, all except for three to be exact, only came with foam versions. Additionally, all of this year’s strollers have silver-colored frames, save for the Jake Black, which has a black-colored frame.

Pretty much all of the colors feature one hundred percent premium leather now. The leather in question is full grain cowhide that was tanned without use of any chemicals, plus it’s REACH certified which means that it meets European Union’s rigorous chemical testing requirements. And I have to tell you, the leather is awesome. On top of looking just plain great, it’s also soft to the touch, which makes pushing really comfortable.

UPPAbaby Vista 2018 Colors

Other updates in this year’s UPPAbaby VISTA

 Another update that I really love in this year’s model of UPPAbaby VISTA is its extended bassinet, hands down. It has bigger size than its last year’s counterpart. Whereas the 2017 model was narrower at the bottom than at the top, this year the bottom is the same size. Which pretty much means the bassinet gained 2.5 extra inches! This upgrade gets thumbs up from me, since it allows to use the bassinet for longer than the usual four to five months, likely eight to ten months. (Of course it depends on how big your kid is)

UPPAbaby Vista 2018 Stroller

Among other changes in this year’s UPPAbaby VISTA are the following:

  • Instead of carbon coated like in the earlier model, the frame is now powder coated which minimizes scratching, thus allowing the stroller to last longer and look better.
  • This year’s UPPAbaby VISTA comes with a new, sleeker front wheel, with a tire matching the back wheel in shape and a new pattern for the tread
  • The handle bar is replaceable. If it ever gets damaged you can just replace it with a new one.

Among other features are:

  • NEW! One step folding, very easy & intuitive, similar to the UPPABaby CRUZ fold
  • NEW! One piece bumper bar that is easy to clean.
  • NEW! An expandable selections of seat, allowing for 2 rear & forward facing reclining toddler seats, 2 bassinets, 2 MESA baby car seats and many more
  • UPDATE: A bassinet with a boot cover and a zip out liner that can be easily removed and cleaned. A perforated pad in the mattress & a vented base, which makes breathing easier, ventilated canopy and an extendable sunshade with SPF of over 50.
  • UPDATE: It uses combined magnesium and aluminum for optimal durable, lightweight performance

UPPAbaby Vista 2018 Double

UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 Pros

  • Plenty of combinations for the seating – it allows the stroller to be used for a long time throughout different sizes of the growing baby
  • One of this year’s best bassinets – it allows for proper ventilation and its large canopy can protect the child from wind and sun, plus it’s very comfortable and spacious
  • Easy one hand recline, large canopy on the baby seat
  • Each of the seats easily clicks onto the stroller’s frame, it only takes few seconds to reverse the seat
  • Big basket with GIANT weight capacity, easily fitting 2 bags of diapers
  • Optimal size of the suspension and wheels allows to use the UPPAbaby VISTA in terrains of different types, including snow or gravel
  • Maneuvering is a piece of cake
  • The adjustable handle bar makes the stroller suitable for parents of all heights
  • Lovely colors and fabrics of high quality
  • Durable and made of great materials
  • Robust, strong frame
  • Includes shields protecting against rain and insects

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2. Bugaboo Fox 2018

This year’s Bugaboo Fox is a brand new luxury, all terrain stroller, combining the popular Buffalo and Cameleon models from the same manufacturer. This new Bugaboo Fox is simply a MASTERPIECE! This buggy is sleek, lightweight and very sturdy, combining all the best features from the two above mentioned models, which results in a stroller for everyone.

Bugaboo Fox 2018

Bugaboo Fox 2018 – a stroller you can customize as you please

This new Bugaboo Fox can be completely customized. You can choose the grips, the wheel covers, the color base, the sun canopy and the fabric of the seat! There’s no limit to how you can build your own stroller now, which means that everyone can easily find the exact combination they need. The fabric options come in 3 different tiers: Core, Premium, and Signature, and each of them with its own pricing. If all of that seems to be confusing to you, just choose out of the 3 top picks put together by Bugaboo. And thanks to each of the parts being separate you can always refresh your stroller easily for different seasons or children.

On top of that, Bugaboo went more green as well and relied on using recycled materials as much as they could. In a one-color canopy with a bassinet, the fabric is made of ninety two recycled polyethylene terephthalate bottles.

Bugaboo Fox 2018 Strollers

Bugaboo Fox 2018 – it’s all about comfort

The seat and the bassinet were designed ergonomically with extreme comfort in mind. The spacious size and supportive padding on the pillow top allow the baby to sleep peacefully when steadily pushed along by their parents. When using it with the Bugaboo Stand, you can use the bassinet for sleeping at night. (especially that the seat can convert into the bassinet, or the other way round). The Bugaboo Fox’s seat is reversible, plus it can be reclined using a single hand. On top of that, its location on the stroller is pretty high up, allowing it to be brought right to the table when dining out. The handle bar can be easily adjusted up or down, making it suitable for tall and short parents alike.

Another feature that I simply loved in Bugaboo Fox is its ONE PIECE fold, that’s right you heard it right! It can be folded when the bassinet or seat is attached. On top of that, the unfolding mechanism is pretty intuitive too. There’s an automatic lock and a standing fold. It also comes with a huge basket, large canopy, adjustable handlebar, swing-away bumper bar and a brake that can be operated when wearing flip flops. The handlebar, unlike in Cameleon, is NOT reversible.

Bugaboo Fox 2018 Stroller

All in all, I have a feeling that it is going to be one of the MOST popular strollers for this year. If you need more information read my full review of Bugaboo Fox 2018.

Details That Captivate

Bugaboo Fox has completely redesigned the structure of the front wheel, and it’s beautiful to be honest. With leather belly bar covers and handle bar, this stroller looks pretty luxurious.

2018 Bugaboo Fox’s Features:

  • Can be used from the birth all the way to 48.5 pounds
  • Comes with front-wheel and central-joint suspensions
  • Changeable seat fabric, bassinet, grips, sun canopy and wheel covers
  • The integrated attachment point makes accessories easy to attach
  • Machine-washable fabrics
  • Weights 21.8 pounds
  • The front wheels are 8.5 inches, the rear wheels are 12 inches
  • One brake pedal with no position, according to the ball-pen principle
  • Big, easily accessible basket under the seat with storage pockets and maximum weigh capacity of 22 pounds
  • Seat placed 23 inches above the ground level
  • The seat frame can be removed with one hand
  • The seat can be adjusted with one hand
  • One piece compact folding plus extra-compact folding
  • All configurations feature self standing folding
  • There’s a Beach Mode position

Bugaboo Fox 2018 Pros

  • The included bassinet makes it suitable right from the birth
  • The seat is reversible and comes with a one hand deep recline
  • Large, extendable canopy, protecting completely from sun rays
  • Adjustable, telescoping handle bar makes it easy to push for parents of all heights
  • Agile and maneuverable, allowing it to be steered and turned with a single hand, even on rough terrains and around narrow spaces
  • All terrain wheels and suspension, allowing the stroller to go over sidewalk cracks, bark chips, grass, gravel and hard-packed dirt
  • Non-inflatable tires
  • Easy to use brakes that can be operated when wearing flip-flops
  • Large storage basket
  • Materials of the top quality
  • Strong yet pretty lightweight chassis
  • Stylish and sophisticated look

3. Nuna Mixx2 Stroller

The Nuna Mixx2 stroller has plenty of features and will allow your family to get anywhere they want. With its beautiful design and ease of pushing, it’s a real hit with more demanding parents.

Nuna Mixx2

What is new in Nuna Mixx2?

  • new faux-leather belly bar and handle bar
  • chrome-black wheels
  • elegant dark-matte frame
  • chic and comfortable cotton-blend fabric
  • much nicer canopy thanks to the double-quilted stitchwork on the underside
  • front wheel size slightly above 7.5 inches
  • basket and canopy made of the same material now

Other Nuna Mixx2 Features

The Nuna Mixx2 stroller is intended to be used from the birth all the way to fifty pounds. There are plenty of options of customizing this stroller for your newborn. The stroller’s seat can provide the baby with extra support with an infant insert added. It is also possible to add the Mixx bassinet, which is sold separately, or use the Pipa car seat adapter, which is an infant insert, in order to make the stroller suitable for traveling.

The stroller seat in the Nuna Mixx2 makes it stand out among its competitors. The seat is big and comfy for babies of different ages. It can be easily reversed, allowing you to spin it around, so that your baby can face either the world or yourself. You can recline the seat into 5 different positions, including a full flat angle for lying down, plus the leg rest can be adjusted into 3 different positions. And if you adjust the foot rest and the recline, you will make it more like a bassinet, which mill make it easier to nap in.

Nuna Mixx2 Stroller

Breathing is made easier in the Nuna Mixx2 thanks to its magnetic peek-a-boo window made of mesh as well as its big, expandable canopy with UPF of over 50. That way you can easily monitor your baby whenever you want with quiet, quick glances. When it’s raining outside, the rain cover included with the stroller will provide the child with additional protection. There’s also an adjustable handle bar with 3 different positions ranging from 38 inches to 42 inches, making this stroller suitable for tall and short parents alike. The Nuna Mixx2 can easily be stopped with a foot brake, which you can use even when wearing flip flops.

The Nuna Mixx2 is really easy to maneuver thanks to its fantastic suspension and foam filled wheels that are great at minimizing bumps of all kinds. The stroller’s wheels have no problem going over all kinds of terrains, which makes pushing it a breeze.

The weigh of the stroller is 29.9 pounds, making it quite a durable stroller, able to handle nearly anything it could face. The Nuna Mixx2 can fold compactly, with the seat attached, plus it locks automatically as well. And once you fold it, you can just roll your stroller behind yourself on its wheels, like it was one of those luggages people at airports have. The Nuna Mixx2 comes with a huge underseat basket, and it can store plenty of essential items when you’re traveling. There’s also a smaller pocket on the seat’s back, providing additional space for things like keys or cellphone.

Compared to the previous versions, this year’s Nuna Mixx2 with its new detailing looks even more luxurious. Thanks to the new fashions added, you can now choose the color that best suits your individual preferences. The handle bar and the bumper bar have been given elegant faux-leather accents, which make them look sleeker. The previous fabrics were replaced with handpicked tweed textiles blend, which made them very soft and comfy.

Nuna Mixx2 Travel System

The Nuna Mixx2 is truly a impressive stroller, full of wonderful features that will especially make it appealing to parents who care about fashion. Thanks to all the attention put into its details, the Nuna Mixx2 will make your everyday trips a whole lot easier.

2018 Nuna Mixx2’s Features:

  • 3 nice modes to be used with newborns and toddlers: forward facing seat, backward facing seat and travel system
  • goes really well with the PIPA baby car seat
  • can be easily opened with a single hand
  • a problem-free, one-piece compact fold, regardless of the direction the seat is currently facing
  • thanks to the flat sleeper seat, there’s a lot of space for sleeping or stretching
  • 5 position one-hand recline
  • adjustable support for calves with an integrated foot rest for extra comfort
  • progressive suspension in the front and back wheels
  • very convenient automatic Quick Click type fold lock, with a trolley function when it’s folded
  • large, protective canopy with UPF of over 50, removable flip-out eyeshade and integrated panels made of mesh
  • big storage basket, with a special divider to make separate compartments
  • 3 or 5 point anti loop harness with a Quick Click type release button for increased safety
  • strong and responsive one-touch back wheel brakes
  • tough foam-filled back tires that can handle all types of terrains
  • removable arm bar that can fit babies of any size for extra safety

Nuna Mixx2 2018 Pros

  • Versatility & multifunctionality
  • Multiple seating options, like travel system, bassinet or reversible main seat
  • Seat can be reclined almost all the way down to better suit newborns
  • Single hand recline
  • Big extendable canopy, with windows made of mesh
  • Softer fabric than in the last year’s version
  • Fairly big foam wheels that can go over terrains of different types
  • Telescoping handle bar that can be adjusted for tall and short parents alike
  • Highly maneuverable and easy to push or turn
  • Huge storage basket, plus an extra pocket on the seat’s back for smaller belongings
  • Easily and quickly foldable

4. Bugaboo Donkey2 2018 Convertible Stroller

2013 witnessed the arrival of the best stroller on the market for parents of many children, which has just received its update for this year, and we’re talking about the Bugaboo Donkey2!

What we’re seeing is the latest addition to the Bugaboo family. This year’s Bugaboo Donkey2, the successor of the original Donkey model, comes with foam filled wheels, instead of tires filled with air, not to mention better suspension, all-new colors and a remodeled storage basket. And even with all those useful upgrades, the price of Bugaboo Donkey2 is actually slightly below that of the original!

Bugaboo Donkey 2 2018 Double

What is new in this year’s Bugaboo Donkey2?

  • The Bugaboo Donkey2 comes with few new updates that make its performance better, like its all wheel suspension or foam filled tires, which make it much more comfortable to ride in.
  • Its expandable side storage basket got built-in pockets and a cover added.
  • Different parts of its chassis also got upgraded to make it last longer.
  • Now it is possible to get your Bugaboo Donkey2 customized any way you want! The stroller’s chassis comes in a black or silver version, both of which will have a black faux-leather handle bar. There’s also a new side storage basket cover in a color that matches the canopy.

The Bugaboo Donkey2 grows as your family grows

The Bugaboo Donkey2 actually grows together with your children, being able to be converted into different modes: Mono, Duo or Twin. What especially makes the Bugaboo Donkey2 stand out is that it can convert into the double mode side by side, with each of the babies in the preferred position, which can be seat or bassinet. Thanks to each of the seat being independent of the other you can choose out of many configurations the Bugaboo Donkey2 makes available.

Bugaboo Donkey 2 2018 Stroller

There are 3 different options available in the Bugaboo Donkey2 to better fit the growing children. It is easy to convert this stroller from one mode into another, which means that regardless of how exactly you initially bought your Bugaboo Donkey2, it is always possible to add the extra parts required to change the mode of the stroller.

Mono mode: This one is great as a single stroller, to be used before the baby gets a little brother or sister. Comes with 1 seat plus 1 bassinet.

Duo mode: Great for 2 kids of different ages. Comes with 2 seats plus 1 bassinet.

Twin mode: This one’s great for 2 kids of the same age. Comes with 2 seats plus 2 bassinets.

It’s even possible to expand your Bugaboo Donkey2 with a Bugaboo Comfort board so that it can even accommodate a third, older kid of yours.

The Bugaboo Donkey2’s weigh is 29 pounds as a single stroller and 43 pounds as a double one. Its seat can fit a baby from the age of six months to the weight of 37.5 pounds. If you wish to use your Bugaboo Donkey2 for a newborn baby, just convert the seat into a bassinet, and if you want to travel with it, you can add a car seat adapter.

Bugaboo Donkey 2 2018

Even though the Bugaboo Donkey2 is a double stroller, its seat still is pretty big and roomy. The one hand three position deep recline will allow your baby to nap away comfortably. The stroller’s seats spin around independently of each other, which allows you to make each of the babies face you or to the world ahead according to your preference. The threadless harness can be easily adjusted to your kid’s current size, which I’m sure you will love. And even if your Bugaboo Donkey2 gets dirty, its fabrics can be easily removed and machine-washed.

The stroller’s big, extendable, water repellent canopy and rain cover will make your child safe from unfavorable weather conditions. The handle bar is adjustable from 34 to 42 inches, making the Bugaboo Donkey2 easy to push for parents of all heights.

The customizable faux-leather accents give the handle bar and bumper bar a touch of elegance. The bumper bar can also be used as a carrying handle for the bassinet when the stroller is in the bassinet mode. The foot brake makes Bugaboo Donkey2 easy to stop even when wearing flip flops.

The Bugaboo Donkey2 also comes with plenty of storage area that lets you bring along everything you might need. The stroller’s underseat basket is pretty huge, being able to store plenty of important stuff, like blankets or a bag of diapers. The basket is easy to access, and its storage capacity is whole 22 pounds. You also get plenty of additional pockets where you can keep some smaller items like your cellphone.

Bugaboo Donkey 2 2018 Double Stroller

The Bugaboo Donkey2 also comes with a big side storage basket that has a cover with a zipper, which allows you to store even more items easily, and in the Mono mode it’s right next to the seat.

The stroller’s big wheels are filled with foam and can go over ground of all kinds! Its all wheel suspension reduces the bumps to minimum, making your rides smooth. You will have no trouble pushing your Bugaboo Donkey2 over rough terrains, there’s no surface it couldn’t handle! You can even convert the Bugaboo Donkey2 into a two wheel mode, which makes it easy to push it over snow or sand.

The Bugaboo Donkey2 can easily be folded while its seat and bassinet are still attached to it. This stroller comes with an automatic lock, it can also stand on its own after you fold it. And even though it’s not very compact, it conveniently folds in one piece.

Another thing that sets the Bugaboo Donkey2 apart from its predecessor is all the different colors that you can make your own combinations of. You can customize the base, canopy, grips, bassinet and seat with all the different pretty fabrics and colors available. You can come up with your own unique stroller that will match your preferences with its style and elegance.

Bugaboo Donkey 2 2018 Colors

With its luxury and versatility, the Bugaboo Donkey2 can be pushed and steered very easily. What parents especially love about the Bugaboo Donkey2 is how it can be easily adjusted to accommodate a bigger number of kids. The bigger the family gets, the more appreciated the large underseat basket as well as the side storage basket will be, thanks to all the valuable storage space they provide. Whatever you have, the Bugaboo Donkey2 will be able to hold it.

Although colors and wheels show how much different the 2018 Bugaboo Donkey2 and the last year’s Bugaboo Donkey are, the Bugaboo Donkey2 also comes with design changes that may not be big but still make things easier for young parents.

The Bugaboo strollers are made to last much longer than most of their market competitors, as can be evidenced by their three year warranty. To make sure that they can last even longer, though, Bugaboo also made changes to the different materials used in the chassis of the Bugaboo Donkey2.

Bugaboo Donkey2 Pros

  • Can be used as a single or a double stroller, for twins, for a newborn and a toddler or for two toddlers
  • Its large wheels make it easy to push this stroller around the town
  • Swiveling front wheels that can be locked
  • Plenty of different seating options
  • Seats that can face forward or backward
  • It’s easy to fold or to switch between the stroller’s seats
  • Plenty of different colors to choose from; making the stroller look pretty stylish

Where to buy

5. Mamas & Papas Urbo2 2018

The Urbo2 was given a full facelift, which made it one of the best strollers available right now. You’re curious what exactly makes it so great? Among the best features of this particular stroller is its reversible seat that comes with a deep one hand recline, which makes it suitable even for newborns.

The stroller’s seat is quite spacious, with great plush padding. On top of that, it can be turned into a travel system, or a bassinet if you replace its seat with a bassinet that matches. Just what newborns need!

Mamas And Papas Urbo 2 2018 Stroller

Mamas&Papas also made the stroller’s frame a bit more raised and added a front wheel suspension, which makes the ride much smoother. Even though its wheels are small, it has no problems going over bumps. Its narrow frame and small footprint make maneuvering it quite easy, even around tight or crowded spaces and with one hand only. When folded, it’s even more compacted than Nuna Mixx, which means you shouldn’t have any trouble fitting it in any trunk regardless of its size. The canopy also got bigger, with a panel made of mesh that provides better ventilation than before.

Features of the Mamas & Papas Urbo2 stroller:

  • Smooth moving thanks to its front suspension that can handle any bumps.
  • With its adjustable handles down, it can squeeze through even narrower urban spaces.
  • Can be folded away which makes storage easier.
  • Protects the baby with its built-in sleep shade and insect net.
  • Can be reclined all the way down which is perfect for napping.
  • The seat spins around, which allows your baby to face forward or backward.
  • The brake makes stopping or going easy even when wearing flip flops.
  • Peekaboo window that allows to easily check up on the baby.
  • Equipped with a distracting toy that keeps your child entertained.
  • The faux-leather bumper bar will make the baby extra comfortable.
  • Comfy, luxurious padded seat.
  • Plenty of storage area in the easily accessible basket.
  • The fabric with UPF of over 50 provides maximum protection from ultraviolet rays.
  • Can be used from the birth until reaching 15 kilograms.
  • The dimensions are approx. 90 cm (H) x 53 cm (W) x 83 cm (L).
  • The dimensions when folded are approx. 29 cm (H) x 53 cm (W) x 83 cm (L).
  • It weights approx. 9 kg.
  • It includes a chassis, shopping basket, seat unit, crotch and chest pads, rain cover and insect net.

Mamas And Papas Urbo 2 2018 Colors

Mamas & Papas Urbo2 2018 – The Updates

This one got so many different updates that I chose to just list them all separately here as well:

  • Front wheel quick release button.
  • New front wheel suspension.
  • New panel in the canopy made of mesh that improves the air flow.
  • The seat is one inch higher above the ground now.
  • The canopy’s hood has extra lining that protects the baby from sunlight
  • The basket is bigger and better supported, allowing to keep more items in it.
  • Eye catching brake pedals in red color that you can even use when wearing flip flops!
  • Better-positioned bumper. Now it’s 5 inches higher, making getting in and out easier.
  • The seat now has a black back to better go with other finishes.
  • Runaway strap added to the handle bar to give parents more control.
  • The foot plate is now more round and gripping it is easier.
  • The five point harness has been reconfigured to make the foot muff and liner easier to attach.
  • New better looking and fitting rain cover.
  • The foot muff is now lined with fleece and gives better coverage.
  • Insect net / sleep shade combo included now in a zipper pocket under the leg rest.
  • Highly positioned bassinet, now 2 inches higher on the frame, which places your child closer to you.
  • Improved bassinet that is 10% more spacious on the inside now.
  • Although more spacious on the inside, the bassinet is also 25% more compact, which makes it possible to fit in the trunk of any car.

Mamas And Papas Urbo 2 2018

Mamas & Papas Urbo2 2018 Pros:

  • Spinning seat that allows the baby to face forward or backward
  • Only weights 24 pounds, fast and narrow, its front suspension makes rides smooth
  • Fully reclines, allowing for peaceful naps
  • Extra lining in hood and visor for more comfort
  • Moves smoothly thanks to the front suspension that protects from bumps

Where to buy

6. UPPAbaby MINU 2018

UPPAbaby announced their Minu stroller for this year, together with all the other improvements to their Vista, Cruz, Mesa, G-Luxe and G-Lite for 2018. The Minu is the latest addition to the long line of UPPAbaby strollers, with beautiful, functional design that can match the rest of the family.

The 2018 UPPAbaby Minu is a light and compact stroller that works great for travels and shopping at the mall. With its weigh of around 14.5 lbs, it can remind some people of the Babyzen Yoyo+ stroller. The Minu can be folded with a single hand into a compact size that can easily fit into a car trunk. It can also recline in multiple positions for comfortable napping. This year’s UPPAbaby Minu is also pretty smooth to ride thanks to its all wheel suspension! It comes in the classic UPPAbaby colors as well as the new Charcoal Melange color.

UPPAbaby MINU Stroller

All of the Minu fashions also feature a handle bar with one hundred percent premium leather! It’s a full grain cowhide leather tanned without any chemicals, plus it has a REACH certificate which means it meets European Union’s strict chemical testing requirements. Over its regular use it’ll eventually develop a darker patina and a softer feel, like all high quality leather.

There are many ways the UPPAbaby Minu can be used right from the birth. There are car seat adapters available, sold separately, that allow to attach your Maxi Cosi, UPPAbaby Mesa or Nuna Pipa baby car seats, as well as the Cybex Aton Q and Aton 2 baby car seats. You can also buy the Minu’s From Birth Kit separately! It includes a mattress to make it more bassinet-like, except its sides are lower than in a regular full size bassinet. It will allow you to use the Minu right from the very start and your newborn will be able to lay completely flat in there. The From Birth Kit also doesn’t prevent the stroller from folding normally.


Among other features of this year’s UPPAbaby Minu are:

  • Big, extendable sun canopy
  • Includes a storage bag
  • Can be used from the age of three months to 50 pounds of weight
  • One step fold that only requires one hand and can stand even when folded
  • Portable and light design, with a shoulder strap and a carry handle
  • Roomy seat that can hold up to fifty pounds to provide full comfort
  • Easily accessible, big basket with twenty pounds weight capacity
  • Additional storage pocket
  • One hundred percent full grain leather handlebar
  • Reclines in multiple positions
  • All wheel suspension that absorbs shocks
  • Extendable pop-out sunshade with UPF of over 50
  • Vented peek-a-boo window
  • When combined with the From Birth Kit, it can be used right from the birth
  • When combined with adapters, it’s compatible with the MESA Infant Car Seat

UPPAbaby MINU Colors

Things I love the UPPAbaby MINU for:

Suitable for Traveling. Everyone knows how annoying it can get to travel with a baby, with all the things you have to gather beforehand and everything. While there’s no stroller that could rid us of that problem completely, the UPPAbaby Minu makes it all much easier, not having to be checked in with its ability to be reduced to quite a small size. Now seeing the world with your little one seems much more achievable!

Great Color Choice.  With UPPAbaby Minu, you can choose out of four different colors, including more neutral ones like the black Jake and the charcoal Jordan, or brighter types like the red Denny and the teal Ryan. Everyone can find something for themselves!

Unique Features. Despite being so light and designed with traveling in mind, the UPPAbaby Minu actually comes with its own set of unique features that wouldn’t be easy to find in other models, like the angled foot rest, more spacious basket or the extended canopy with SPF of over 50.

Folding. The UPPAbaby Minu’s folding mechanism is pretty innovative and original, which allows it to fold to quite a compact size. Folding it and locking is a breeze. When it’s in the folded position, it is down to 4 accordion components, which combined with only weighting 14.5 pounds makes the UPPAbaby Minu the best stroller to bring along with you.

UPPAbaby Minu 2018 Pros:

  • Deep recline with plenty of head space
  • Extendable canopy and a pop-out sun visor, providing the baby with plenty of shade
  • Magnetic peekaboo window
  • Possibility of attaching a baby car seat or a carrycot
  • Storage basket with large capacity
  • All wheel suspension that makes it easy to go over cobblestone and sidewalk cracks
  • Folds down to a compact size, which makes storing it and traveling with it easy
  • Its light weight and shoulder strap make it very portable

7. Bugaboo Cameleon 3 2018

The Bugaboo Cameleon 3 is yet another stroller of the luxury type adored by parents. Although quite pricey, you get innovation, quality and style for that money. This brilliant buggy can be used over many years and with multiple children. Among the features I love the most in the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 are its large canopy, large storage basket, adjustable suspension, all terrain wheels, spinning seat and spinning handlebar.

Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Stroller


The Bugaboo Cameleon 3 can be easily adjusted to the baby, the parent or the surroundings. Be it babies or toddlers, awake or sleeping, urban or seaside, summer or winter, the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 can handle it. With its modular setup, you can adjust it to whatever the current situation is. You can pick your color, convert it between seat and bassinet without trouble, or even adjust its handle bar to your own size. Bugaboo Cameleon 3 was truly made to fit everyone and everything.

Made For Different Terrains

It comes with three positions for different terrains. In urban conditions, its little swiveling front wheels help in navigating around narrow spaces using just a single hand, while its adjustable suspension helps you push it along smoothly. Around rougher areas, with its large wheels forward, you will be ready to face any bumps ahead. It can be easily converted into a two wheel position, allowing it to be pulled through snow and sand.

Bugaboo Cameleon 3

Compact And Lightweight

The Bugaboo Cameleon 3 stroller is amazingly compact and lightweight when you take its capacity and versatility into account. It is very easy to ride and carry without sacrificing its key functionalities. On top of that, its modular setup allows it to be folded into 2 pieces, which makes it even more compact and lightweight.

What is new in Bugaboo Cameleon 3?

  • Easy to unfold
  • Updated design
  • Bassinet released with a single hand
  • Easily released wheels

Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Colors

There’s More:

  • Strengthened chassis
  • Bassinet folding flat, with fillets attached
  • Adjustable harness with padding
  • Underseat bag with large capacity
  • User guide with visuals
  • More serviceable braking system, adjustability, harness
  • Fold lock
  • Optimized, self-standing seat

Bugaboo Cameleon 3 2018 Pros:

  • Reversible handle bar, allowing to face forward or backward
  • Adjustable suspension, making the ride smooth
  • The included bassinet allows it to be used from the birth
  • Telescoping handle bar makes it suitable for parents of all heights
  • Seat with 3 position recline
  • Included protective rain cover
  • Compatible with car seats and easy to fold
  • Made of top-quality materials

8. Nuna Demi Grow 2018

The Demi Grow stroller is pretty modern and elegant, plus it will grow as your babies grow. It fits 2 children of relatively close ages. It is capable of handling 2 full-size seats, 2 bassinets or 2 car seats. The toddler seats are both the same, with an equal weight limit of fifty pounds.

The seat comes with a big canopy, a pull-out drape and a sunvisor. The one-hand recline can go all the way down, making it suitable for newborns. There’s also a nice zip-off seat liner, exposing the seat made of mesh underneath, which will especially come in handy in summer.

Nuna Demi Grow 2018 Stroller New

It also comes with a swing-away bumper bar, adjustable handlebar, adjustable leg rest, standing fold, easy fold, big basket and auto lock. The wheels are filled with foam, which combined with the all wheel suspension makes this stroller really easy to push along. The large basket will easily fit everything you need, including a huge bag of diapers.

The Nuna Demi Grow easily converts between a single and double/twin stroller, with a total of twenty-three configurations available.

Double mode: The Nuna Demi Grow can go with all the car seats of the Pipa series: Pipa, Pipa Lite or Pipa Lite LX, and it converts into a double by clicking a selected Pipa in using one of the adapters included.

Twin mode: The stroller seat included with the Nuna Demi Grow and the separately sold Sibling Seat are pretty much identical, making this particular stroller a perfect choice for parents of twins. There are also 2 baby car seat adapters included, which allows you to roll your twins around in their Pipa seats right from the start!

Nuna Demi Grow 2018 Stroller

The stroller seat in the Nuna Demi Grow has plenty of great features, like:

  • A DreamDrape to cover your baby completely, providing them with privacy when they nap.
  • An extendable, removable canopy with a flip-out eyeshade and UPF of over 50.
  • A simple 3 position recline that can be operated with one hand.
  • Luxurious fabrics combined with mesh, making breathing easier in all seasons.

Whether you are pushing 1 or 2 children, the ride has to be smooth. The Nuna Demi Grow comes with tires filled with foam and a custom dual suspension, which allows it to go smoothly over most types of terrains. The stroller is also equipped with fenders that protect the baby from debris and dirt, whereas the wheels have hubcaps to protect them.

There is something particularly peculiar when it comes to the Nuna Demi Grow stroller, which is that its secondary seat is located behind its primary seat, whereas in most single to double type inline strollers the secondary seat tends to be in front. Which is what makes the Nuna Demi Grow stand out – thanks to being shorter, this stroller is much easier to push. Now going around corner won’t be so difficult, as turning the Nuna Demi Grow is very easy, even when there are two kids on board.

Nuna Demi Grow 2018 Colors

Among other features of this year’s Nuna Demi Grow are:

  • Faux-leather push bar and arm bar
  • Rear wheel’s brake that works with a single touch
  • Adjustable, one hand calves support
  • Can stand even when folded

Nuna Demi Grow 2018 Pros:

  • Custom dual suspension, providing the baby and the parent with a quality ride
  • 23 different modes, to easily accommodate every family over many years
  • Easy folding, seat flipping and switching to travel system or bassinet
  • Height-adjustable push bar with luxurious faux-leather
  • Simple 3-position, one hand reclining backrest
  • Adjustable one hand calves support for children of different ages
  • Progressive suspension technology in front and back wheels to absorb bumps
  • Compatible with baby car seats from the PIPA series
  • Dream drape for additional protection from elements
  • Seat for all seasons that can be changed with a zip!
  • Extendable, removable and protective canopy with a flip-out eyeshade and UPF of over 50
  • Simple, height adjustable push bar that allows to push the stroller with one hand while occupying the other with something else
  • Storage basket comes with a flip up compartment divider to separate the contents
  • Built-in hubcaps and fenders provide protection from debris and dirt
  • Anti-loop, 3 or 5 point threadless harness
  • Strong and responsive one touch braking system for back wheels
  • Swiveling, lockable front wheels for better stability
  • Tough, foam-filled tires that can handle all kinds of terrains
  • Removable, rotating arm bar can fit children of different sizes

9. Baby Jogger City Tour LUX 2018

The City Tour LUX is a compact stroller that still has plenty of useful features to offer. It is lightweight, can be used right from the birth and comes with many riding options, which all together makes it a great stroller to suit mom’s every need.

Baby Jogger City Tour LUX 2018

Plenty of families choose to buy a separate smaller pram just for traveling. Now they no longer have to! The new Baby Jogger City Tour LUX allows you to simply have both, being a 100% modular pram that is also so compact that you can literally fold it down to a size that allows it to be carried on your back like a backpack.

The Baby Jogger City Tour LUX, unlike many other lighter strollers, is compatible with newborns from the moment you unpack it.

The seat can be folded down all the way, making it suitable even for newborns. It can also be positioned in any direction, allowing the baby in it to face backward and see the mommy or just face forward and watch the world ahead of them.

You can also buy an additional foldable bassinet, which will provide your little angel with some extra comfort. You may also convert it to a travel system, thanks to adapters that can make it go with products like Maxi Cosi or the Baby Jogger City GO that is sold separately. Now getting your baby in and out of your vehicle won’t be a problem anymore.

Baby Jogger City Tour LUX 2018 Stroller

The Baby Jogger City Tour LUX had each of its details designed with making it easier for you to travel in mind:

  • its comfortable hand can be used regardless of the type of shoes you’re wearing
  • the three panel canopy with SPF of over 50 will come in handy on hot summer days, with a visor that provides much more shade and a peekaboo window that allows you to check up on the baby whenever you need
  • all wheel suspension makes it easy to go over different types of terrain
  • includes a carry bag that can be stored easily in the stroller’s basket
  • can also accommodate your older kid when expanded with a glider board that is sold separately.

Baby Jogger City Tour LUX 2018 Colors

What’s new in the Baby Jogger City Tour LUX?

  • The reversible seat can recline almost all the way down to accommodate babies as young as three months.
  • The oversized canopy covers the baby completely and protects them from the sun.
  • This new Baby Jogger City Tour LUX is compatible with baby car seats! Which is something that plenty of parents, myself included, have been waiting for! With the right adapter, it is now possible to replace the main seat with a baby car seat.
  • It may also be used with a carrycot, which is sold separately, as seen here.
  • It also includes several accessories that in the previous version had to be bought separately. Now the stroller includes a cup holder and a belly bar.
  • Hand brake that is easy to use.

Baby Jogger City Tour 2018 Pros:

  • Comes with five seating options: Front facing standard seat, back facing standard seat, travel system (combined with a baby car seat), pram (combined with a carrycot) or with a Glider Board attached to accommodate a bigger kid, which shows how you won’t ever need another stroller
  • Big canopy with a silent peekaboo window
  • Pretty big storage basket for a stroller of this size
  • All wheel suspension makes it easier to push it over terrains of different types
  • Pretty lightweight and portable for such a multi-functional, convertible stroller
  • Foldable bassinet, plus the stroller as a whole folds down to a pretty compact size, making it easy to transport or store away
  • Easy transportation when traveling by car
  • Soft padding and appealing colors

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10. Bugaboo Bee5

The new Bugaboo Bee5 was made just for parents who are always in motion. This particular stroller allows your baby to ride more comfortably. It comes with so many nice new fabrics and colors that allow you to customize your new stroller to better suit your individual tastes. And just like all the other strollers from Bugaboo, the new Bugaboo Bee5 can offer you great value, smart design and smooth ride.

Bugaboo Bee5 2018 Stroller New

This new Bugaboo Bee5 can now be customize any way you want it. Which means you now get to choose the colors of the seat fabric, canopy, base, wheels or handle bar grips! Regardless of what particular style you’re into, you will be able to find the best combination for your preferences! Some of the Bugaboo Bee5 combinations that we saw were truly amazing. And if you change your mind, you can still have it upgraded later. There are three different collections: core, premium and signature, each of them with its own color scheme and varying prices depending on the collection you choose.

The Bugaboo Bee5 is much more maneuverable than the previous models, with front wheels having an improved suspension as well as dust protection to help it stay clean. The design of the seats also makes them more comfortable now. The stroller also comes with new, integrated points of attachment for accessories, as well as new laser markings for unfolding on its chassis. And finally, it also comes with an awesome new pocket in the under seat basket, which I’m sure you’ll love. I know I do. It’s something that I really wished my Bee3 could have.

Bugaboo Bee5 2018 Stroller

2018 Bugaboo Bee5’s features:

  • Can be used from the birth all the way to 5 pounds
  • Lightweight chassis and an easy one piece compact fold that only requires one hand
  • Independent, four wheel suspension
  • 6 inch swiveling wheels and 6 inch back wheels, with durable rubber tires filled with foam
  • Reversible seat that can face forward or backward
  • Comfortable seat with padding
  • Comfortable, faux-leather grips, with patent pending
  • 5 point harness with shoulder straps that can be adjusted to different heights
  • Changeable sun canopy, seat fabric, grips and wheel covers
  • Accessories can be easily attached thanks to the integrated points of attachment
  • Fabrics are all washable

Bugaboo Bee5 2018 The Best Stroller

What are the five parts of a Bugaboo Bee5 stroller?

1) Bugaboo Bee5’s base: You can choose between a black and aluminum frame, which is the cheaper option out of the two. Then there is also the All Black, with extra $50 in retail for the all black frame, so if the all black frame is not that important to you, choosing the black aluminum frame is definitely a good idea

2) Bugaboo Bee5’s seat fabric: The seat fabric has three levels to it. The core level, which is the cheapest, only offers the black color. For extra $10, you can get the premium collection, which offers many more new colors to choose from (gray, blue, green and red) for the fabric of the seat. Finally, if you wish your stroller to really impress, there’s the signature collection, which comes with a botanic floral option, costing extra $10, or $20 compared to the core black!

3) Bugaboo Bee5’s sun canopy: The sun canopy also has three levels to it, which are the Core Collection, the Premium Collection and the Signature Collection. The canopies in the Core Collection actually come in plenty of different colors to choose from: Black, Ruby Red, Soft Pink, Sunrise Yellow, Olive Green and Sky Blue. The Premium Collection includes Red Melange, Blue Melange and Grey Melange. The Signature Collection, on the other hand, features now two different lovely models of prints: the Waves and the Botanic. They look so gorgeous that they’re definitely worth the extra money!

4) Bugaboo Bee5’s grips: Now the Bugaboo Bee5 finally offers grips for the stroller’s handle bar, which is really something, considering how that was one of the first things to get damaged in the previous model.

The Grips are available in three different colors: Dark Brown, Cognac and Black. If they ever get damaged, they can be easily replaced and it doesn’t even cost that much!

5). Bugaboo Bee5’s customizable wheel covers: And finally, the Bugaboo Bee5 also has customizable wheels, just like in cars. There are two different color options available for the wheel covers: White and Dark Red, both at the same price.

Bugaboo Bee5 2018 Pros:

  • Lightweight chassis that can be easily folded with a single hand, which is how many most mommies usually have available!
  • Spinning seat that can be rotated to either face forward to see the view ahead or backward to see mommy.
  • Very easy to drive, going smoothly even over rougher terrains.
  • Four-wheel drive, just like in some automobiles. The Bugaboo Bee5 has a four-wheel suspension to make turning smooth and stable.
  • Comfort and safety, that’s what the The Bugaboo Bee5’s seat stands for, with all its plush providing the baby with plenty of comfort.  It can also go up all the way, with a great five-point harness, whereas plenty of strollers are slightly reclined even when in the upright position, even though babies tend to like sitting fully upright from my experience.
  • Extendable sun canopy that can protect the baby from sun and rain regardless of the angle, unlike in conventional canopies.
  • Backrest with adjustable height that allows the stroller to grow with the kid. The harness and sun canopy can also be adapted to different seat heights
  • Handle bar with adjustable height that allows it to be used by parents of different heights.
  • Extendable seat can be pulled out to make room for a sleeping baby’s legs.
  • Bassinets available (sold separately) for parents of newborns.
  • Compatible with many different models of car seats, making it great to travel with.
  • Big underseat storage basket for a stroller of this size.

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