Hey there mummies!

My name is Caroline, and I am a mother who has been blessed with a gorgeous baby girl and a wonderful little boy. As you can imagine, I have needed quite a few strollers in my life, and finding the right one isn’t always an easy task. When I was pregnant with my darling girl two years ago, I knew I had to do things differently for her. After all, I was more experienced this time around.

When I had my little boy, we were struck with disaster. My husband lost his job, and I was on maternity leave, which meant we had hardly anything coming in. There was only a month until he was supposed to come into the world, and we were left panicked. All we cared about was making sure that we were ready for his arrival into the world, and we poured everything we had left into providing for him.

We worked hard, and even though we still weren’t stable by the time he was born we were as ready as we could be. We had a stroller too, of course, but it was cheap, second hand, and poorly made. Every step included a high-pitched squeaking sound, the wheels wobbled, and he was restless when he was sitting in it. I knew he was uncomfortable, but what else could I afford at the time? We added blankets to the seat, and that made it a nicer experience for him.

For me, it was heavy, hard to push, and really difficult to steer. Even my husband had a tricky time attempting to get it to turn corners without taking an age. It was unfortunate that my son had to experience a less than a perfect stroller, and that’s why things had to be different when my second child was born. At first, I thought it was because it was a cheap model, but the more research I did, the more information I uncovered.

There is so much more to strollers than I originally thought, and I spent weeks trying to find the right one. The price isn’t always a deciding factor; there are loads of little features that make a stroller worth buying. All my research was painstakingly done by hand, and that included sorting through online stores as well as visiting physical ones. I even spoke to friends and family about the models they had chosen and why to give me a clearer idea of what to look for.

Honestly, I have watched so many YouTube videos on the subject that I could definitely become a stroller salesperson, ha! My husband and I even decided to buy some of the top-rated models to try out at home; returning the ones that we didn’t like. We didn’t have the chance to do this for our son (who was now too old for strollers), but he had a lot of fun helping us pick something out for his little sister!

My biggest issue was that wherever I looked, I couldn’t find very many websites that actually took these strollers and reviewed them. I wanted real people with real experiences to tell me what they thought of the stroller; not people who were just trying to sell instead of giving me the truth. That’s why I decided to create Sweet Baby Gear. It’s here to save you the hassle of going through everything by hand, and it’s made by a mother who cares about the well-being of her children.
I’m here to help, and I am excited to share this journey with you!

– Caroline

Caroline Cooper

Hi moms! My name is Caroline. Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm a mother who often had to face the task of choosing the stroller herself, so I know what it’s like looking for the best one. I hope that you will find my reviews useful. If you do, I’m glad I could make that though choice easier for you. If you still have any doubts – go ahead and ask, I’m here to help you.